Q&As with Kavich Neang on April 21 and 22

In this deeply affecting and precisely detailed study of the familial and psychological effects of rapid industrial change, first-time fiction feature director Kavich Neang creates a film of tactile vividness and otherworldly beauty set in his hometown of Phnom Penh. Twentyish Nang dreams of fame as a dancer and singer on Cambodia’s Next Superstar, but his hopes for the future are constantly thwarted by the realities of day-to-day life, specifically the looming destruction of the apartment complex where he and his family live—and from which his parents refuse to be ejected and relocated. Moving between hushed realism and dreamlike interiority, White Building announces major new talents in both Neang and star Piseth Chhun, who won the 2021 Venice Film Festival’s Horizons best actor award for a performance of finely balanced sensitivity and charisma. A KimStim release.