It’s Raining Frogs Outside
Maria Estela Paiso, Philippines, 2022, 14m
English, Sambal, and Filipino with English subtitles
Ominous strangeness pervades the interiors of Maya’s childhood home, where she shelters in solitude as catastrophe looms beyond. Director Maria Estela Paiso conjures an unsettling oneiric lyricism, juxtaposing surrealist animation with lush photography and a richly layered soundscape.

August Sky
Jasmin Tenucci, Brazil/Iceland, 2021, 15m
Portuguese with English subtitles
In São Paulo, the skies glow fiery orange and black as the rainforests burn. A pregnant nurse (a magnetic Badu Morais), anticipating new life but anxious for an uncertain future, surprises herself when she finds community in a Penecostal church.

Lili Alone
Zou Jing, China/Hong Kong/Singapore, 2021, 22m
Mandarin with English subtitles
Lili trades the isolation of her rural town for the isolation of the big city when she leaves home to be a surrogate mother, with hopes of earning enough money to save her dying father.

Crystallized Memory
Chonchanok Thanatteepwong, Thailand, 2021, 18m
Thai with English subtitles
Director Chonchanok Thanatteepwong casts his patient, searching gaze on an intimate natural setting in this delicate, finely textured meditation on loss, metaphysical longing, and making sense of what’s left behind.

The Eternal Melody
Niranjan Raj Bhetwal, Nepal, 2022, 14m
Nepali with English subtitles
When an elderly woman, living high in the mountains with her grown son, is visited in a dream by her late husband, mother and son go to great lengths to help ease his passage to the next world.

Tanmay Chowdhary and Tanvi Chowdhary, India, 2022, 13m
Bengali with English subtitles
Childhood friends, now in their twenties, reunite during a Durga Puja festival. Though this homecoming takes place in a bustling city, directors Tanmay and Tanvi Chowdhary create a world of intimacy over the course of one evening, as the girls hum electric with possibility.