Five Minutes Older
Sara Szymańska, Poland, 2021, 6m
Polish with English subtitles
Traversing a hilly, windmill-studded landscape by car en route to a lakeside picnic, sardonic twins Mela and Zenia bicker, snipe, and cajole the day away in this sensitive, vivid portrait of sisterly attachment.

North Pole
Marija Apcevska, Macedonia/Serbia, 2021, 15m
Macedonian with English subtitles
Thick white mist drifts heavily over the small town where teenage Margo navigates feelings of alienation among her more self-assured peers—and strains to make sense of her own yearning to belong—in Marija Apcevska’s understated character study.

Kim Torres, Costa Rica/Mexico, 2021, 20m
Spanish with English subtitles
“I have a recurring dream / if I’m reborn one day I’ll have the sun in my mouth / I’ll be hot and gleamy oil and everything will feel ok. Lol, ” writes @lilaaa to @dream.bby. Director Kim Torres crafts an atmospheric world awash in blue, where Lila spends her isolated days yearning for something more.

Ramata-Toulaye Sy, France/Senegal, 2021, 25m
Fulfuldé with English subtitles
In Ramata-Toulaye Sy’s tender coming-of-age vignette, set in the rural Fouta region of northern Senegal, 13-year-old Astel takes pride in the daily task of watching over the family’s herd of cattle with her father, until a wordless encounter with a stranger in the fields threatens to upend life as she knows it.

Further and Further Away
Polen Ly, Cambodia, 2022, 24m
Bunong and Khmer with English subtitles
Siblings Neang and Phal prepare to leave their rural village for a new life in the city, but Neang is drawn back to the town of their childhood, now the site of a hydroelectric dam. She makes the trek, communing with place and time, raising questions of how space holds memory and what we leave behind.