Shorts Program 1 screens virtually nationwide from 4/28 to 5/3.

The 12:30PM screening on 4/28 will feature a special introduction from filmmaker Tebogo Malebogo and the 12:30PM screening on 5/08 will feature filmmakers Tebogo Malebogo and Livia Huang!

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I Am Afraid to Forget Your Face
Sameh Alaa, 2020, Egypt/France, 15m
Arabic with English subtitles
Following a long separation, a young man goes to great lengths to be reunited with his lover in this quietly devastating meditation on loss and devotion, awarded the short film Palme d’Or at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival.

Heaven Reaches Down to Earth
Tebogo Malebogo, 2020, South Africa, 10m
seSotho and isiZulu with English subtitles
Narrated in vibrant, lyrical voiceover, the third film from director Tebogo Malebogo (Mthunzi, NYFF57) traces a transformative encounter between two friends, for whom a shared communion with the natural landscape catalyzes sensual and spiritual awakenings.

A Love Song in Spanish
Ana Elena Tejera, 2020, France/Panama, 24m
Spanish with English subtitles
Multidisciplinary artist Ana Elena Tejera makes patriarchy personal, tracing its long shadow from Panama’s military dictatorship to her family. Through careful observation of the movement of bodies in spaces imbued with memory and use of archival images, these intertwining threads reveal a tenderly crafted family portrait.

Hola, abuelo (Hi, Grandpa)
Manuela Eguía, 2020, Mexico, 3m
Spanish with English subtitles
Loosely sketched pencil drawings illustrate this charming snapshot of a day in the life of the director in Mexico City, offering a sweet hello to her grandfather from a faraway place.

Surviving You, Always
Morgan Quaintance, 2021, UK, 18m
Self-described “teenage acid casualties” in 1990s London find detachment and isolation rather than the doors of perception on their voyage through psychedelics. Director Morgan Quaintance precisely crafts this first-person story of a treasured but doomed friendship with black-and-white snapshots, on-screen text, and audio recordings of Timothy Leary espousing the benefits of LSD.

More Happiness
Livia Huang, 2021, USA, 13m
Hakka with English subtitles
In this elliptical New York story, fragmented memories of a relationship are rendered poetic but not sentimental as images of a love lost are narrated by a mother and daughter pondering life and possibilities of happiness.

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