Pippa Bianco in person on April 6 (6pm screening, joined by Rhianne Barreto and J.C. MacKenzie) & April 7

A double prizewinner at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Pippa Bianco’s unnerving feature debut is a profound and powerful examination of sexual assault and the increasingly volatile role the Internet plays in contemporary American society. Sixteen-year-old Mandy (a brilliant Rhianne Barreto) wakes up on her parents’ lawn with no recollection of where she’s been or how she got there. She is soon shown a cell-phone video in which she is undressed by a stranger while passed out at a party; the uncertainty of whatever followed (and produced the large bruise on her back) weighs on her as she struggles to figure out what to do next. A stylistically assured, engrossing mystery with real political and moral stakes, Share establishes Bianco as a bold and incisive new voice in American cinema. An HBO Films/A24 release.