Q&As with Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov on April 3 & 5

In an abandoned Macedonian village, Hatidze tends to her precious bee colonies while also caring for her ailing elderly mother in their candlelit stone hut. The delicious, curative honey that Hatidze produces, known for miles around, is a labor of love, borne of patient sensitivity to the seasonal rhythms of nature and to the needs of her beehives. Suddenly, Hatidze’s life is upended by the invasion of thankless new neighbors: a clueless mother and a comically abusive father, with seven squalling, foulmouthed children; 150 head of cattle; and predatory bee colony in tow. Winner of this year’s World Cinema Documentary Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, Honeyland is an evocative, often outrageously funny modern-day parable of the Good Samaritan. A NEON release.